Clients always return to great work

While new clients are important to any business, we always put a priority and time into delivering the best work product and not into identification of the next opportunity. We know that if we deliver great work, the client will return when their needs arise.


Turn down the work you can’t do really, really well

Our experienced consultants can deliver almost anything, but only a few of those things better than anyone else. Our promise to our clients is to only accept the ones where we are sure to delight, and recommend different options where we may not be at our best.


Clients deserve sixty minutes of value from a billable hour

Our clients are putting their trust in us and allocating increasingly scarce budget for our insight and services. Building and maintaining client trust is fundamental to our success. And despite the fact that we are only directly available to clients between the hours of 10 and 2, we protect the trust our clients have given us 24-hours a day.


Life outside of work is important. And we can give more to our clients if that is in order.

Everyone has a life outside of work. And yet we all try to avoid eye contact with our coworkers if we have a life priority that requires us to leave the office before 6pm. We believe that a work environment that embraces the 3pm Halloween parade will be better for everyone.


What we believe