10 to 2 Consulting was founded by Ann Kelly, an ex-big firm consultant who believed that the business model that drives the large strategy consulting firms is fundamentally flawed.  And while this flaw seems to support the economics of big consulting, the model is neither in the best interests of the client nor the consultants in the firm.    The economics of large consulting firms require experienced principals to be involved in selling services to the senior most executives in the organization.  These principals bring vast experience and a long heritage of consulting tenure to business issues.  And this experience and consulting tenure leads to the provocative and bold strategies the executives are seeking.  And it results in a contracted engagement.

And then the engagement begins.  And the client is flooded with early in career associates who are required to work 80-hour weeks and whose billable rates exceed the value that they offer.  The principal focuses his efforts on maintaining the executive relationship.  And selling more.  And those bold and provocative strategies are oftentimes left unimplemented. 

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