Press Release

The Launch of 10 to 2 Consulting Revolutionizes How Strategic Consulting Firms Engage With Clients

5 Apr 2013
Downingtown, April 5 2013

Ann Kelly announces the formation of a new consulting firm, 10 to 2 Consulting, that helps to address both the talent and client challenges faced by strategic consulting firms of today.

The unique culture of 10 to 2 offers a flexible work environment that enables its consultants to focus their direct client interaction to between the hours of 10 and 2. This work environment gives 10 to 2 access to a large pool of experienced and talented consultants who deliver results and preserve a work/life balance.  This senior talent of 10 to 2, who are inaccessible to other less flexible strategic consulting firms, are well positioned to deliver provocative and bold strategies, and work alongside clients to help drive their implementation.

“I’m thrilled to launch 10 to 2 Consulting” said Ann Kelly, Founder and CEO, “The marketplace is ready for a new type of consulting firm that puts clients first by enabling its consultants to have the flexibility to balance all of life’s priorities.  A satisfied team leads to satisfied clients”.

About 10 to 2 Consulting

10 to 2 is a strategy consulting firm that specializes in helping clients in advancing their culture by improving the alignment of their talent base and facilitating productive interactions with their customers.  We have specific approaches to support clients as they manage through change, seek to redesign their organization or its processes, and optimize their existing talent base.  For more information about 10 to 2 Consulting, visit us at

Press Contact:
Ann Kelly
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