Strategic Planning

10 to 2 consulting offers a full range of strategic planning consultation, from helping firms determine their vision and mission, through establishing a set of shared values. We have methodologies that help guide team members through the fundamental questions to define strategy and allocate resources in order to achieve the best business outcome over the three to five year planning horizon.

Organization and Process Design

The productivity of an organization or group is tied to the organizational design and the processes that are in place to execute work and make decisions. We work with teams to break down business processes into the most essential tasks, and identify structure and processes to drive increased operational efficiency.

Change Management

We work with organizations in transition to help guide teams as they experience the different phases of change, and work with individuals who may be caught in one of the phases. We also work with leaders on how to communicate the change process to the organization in a way that will lead to the most productive outcome for team members.

Leadership Coaching

We coach leaders through both the common and uncommon leadership challenges that they encounter. Our one-on-one coaching is directed to individual needs and is relevant for first time managers who need mentoring on the essentials of leading people to senior executives who seek council on leading a company through transition.

Strategic Consulting